'My honour coloured my judgement'

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1 個月前
Prince Andrew says his 'tendency to be too honourable' was part of the reason he mantained a relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
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    Jeffrey Epstein was killed/murdered !!
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    What difference does it make now - Epstein is dead but Andrew has been punished for his association by being removed from his duties. I see no other 'big names' have paid for their association - still getting on with their lives flying under the radar'!! As for the allegations from Roberts ... seems she's transformed from a 17 year old prostitute into a 35 year old embarrassed woman! 17/18 years to crawl out of the woodwork - $$$$$$
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    Honour, Andy, sorry I don't believe it.
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    Keeping it Real 100%
    Andrew you should of used common sense but that’s something you clearly lack
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    Possibly the word he was looking for was "loyalty." I'm not sure honour had much to do with it.
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    No randy the rush of blood to your todger coloured your judgement son !!
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    He certainly had no honour having sex with a girl young enough to be his daughter. Where was the honour to report Epstein to the police . His protection officers clearly know what was going on with young girls who were groomed for the sex trade and they turned a blind eye to it also. One big cover up and powerful men just walk as they are protected disgusting
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    it seems he was on her and off her quite often
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    clive m
    REALLY ?????????????
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    This is an old story so be wise and drop it. Give a break to the sufferer.
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