Live Snake Found on Aeromexico Flight

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5 年前

Passengers found a live snake during a flight between Torreón and Mexico City on Sunday, November 6. This video shows the snake falling from the aircraft’s upper compartment on top of the seats.

The airplane had departed Torreón at 2:10 pm on Sunday and landed in Mexico City at 4pm. The video was shot by the rector of the University of Laguna Region, Indalecio Medina, who dubbed the episode as the “flying serpent” on his Facebook post. Credit: Indalecio Medina via Storyful

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    smuggled in a luggage into the aircraft, confused snake wriggled free, uncomfortable to changes in air pressure
  • L
    Snake's not having seat belts on plane? now that's criminal!!!
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    Lorrie J.G
    Gives new meaning to "snakes in the plane"--YIKES!!
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    There are motherf********** snakes on this motherf******** plane!!!
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