Sonic Boom Heard in Virginia as Fighter Jets Chase Unresponsive Plane

1 年前

A sonic boom was heard in North Springfield, Virginia, as fighter planes intercepted an unresponsive aircraft on June 4, officials said.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command said residents of Washington and northern Virginia could have heard a sonic boom as F-16 aircraft were authorized to fly at supersonic speeds as they responded to the Cessna 560 Citation V.

The aircraft was intercepted at 3:20 pm local time and the pilot was found to be unresponsive. It crashed near the George Washington National Forest in Virginia.

Four people were on board the plane, local media reported, citing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). No survivors were found at the crash site, WDBJ reported.

The FAA said the private aircraft took off from Elizabethton Municipal Airport, Tennessee, and was bound for Long Island MacArthur Airport.

This footage was published by Lisa Barney in North Springfield, Virginia, where the sonic boom was heard. Credit: Lisa Barney via Storyful