Babe Ruth rookie card among $20 million auction lot

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STORY: Date: February 8, 2023

This $20 million sports lot is set to hit the New York auction block

It features 1,400 items from jerseys to rings to bats

This century-old Babe Ruth card is expected to bring in $3 million

Location: New York

[Chris Ivy, Director of sports auctions, Heritage Auctions]

"The most expensive estimate for an item we have in the auction is $3 million plus, and that actually is for a near-mint condition, 1916 Babe Ruth Rookie card. It's one of the most unique cards the world shows. Babe Ruth with the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher early on in his career, obviously. But the condition of this card is just incredible. Sharp corners, well centered, and we're expecting that to sell for several million."

Another highlight is this grey road Yankees jersey worn by Joe DiMaggio

"Joe DiMaggio was one of the first athletes to cross over into not just athlete, but with his relationship through Marilyn, mainstream and Hollywood."

"His jersey from 1948. We're expecting our estimates, $800,000 plus. So it's going to be high six figures and it could even surpass into the million-dollar level."

There are more recent items including from NBA top-scorer LeBron James

A signed pair of James' shoes from his high school days is included

“You know, LeBron has one of the greatest NBA careers of all time. A lot of people think he's the greatest player of all time. So it certainly adds interest when records like this are hit. And now for the next few years, he's only going to be adding to that record, making it more impossible to beat in the future.”