Hawaiian surf park offers waves made in Germany

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STORY: Surfers in Hawaii are enjoying new waves, made in Germany

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

German company Citywave has developed the world's biggest standing wave pool

at the artificial surf park The LineUp at Wai Kai

The pool was inspired by the Eisbachwelle, a popular river surfing spot in Munich

(Rainer Klimaschewski, Citywave founder)

"That's where the basic idea came from. Long ago when I came to Munich to study, we’d meet daily at the river to surf. And the idea was born in my head that one should develop the technology so it can be built everywhere. Not just in Munich in the river but everywhere in the world, independent of the river, because everybody has so much fun surfing there."

The company says construction of the wave pool came up to about $43 million

But some surfers question the need for artificial waves in Hawaii

(Patricia Kroeck, Surfer)

"I've heard about it, I generally find standing wave pools pretty cool, they are a lot of fun. I've tried them myself. But looking at the pictures of the pool in Hawaii, the ocean is just behind it. I'd find it a waste to surf the perfect wave when the ocean has so much to offer. And especially in Hawaii you can find amazing waves. It makes me a bit sad, if I went to Hawaii I would want to surf in the ocean and not a standing wave pool."