Lebanon's rare deer roam a farm in the Bekaa

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STORY: Hunter Fouad Nassif is on a mission to bring deer back to Lebanon

Location: Aana, Lebanon

He started the project in 2000 when he brought deer into Lebanon from abroad

to repopulate the species that is not commonly found in the country

Nassif hopes one day to be able to set some of the animals free in nature

(Fouad Nassif, Manager of the Deer Reserve Farm)

“This reserve can accommodate 300 deer, not more. Our goal is to have some 300 female deer that can give us 300 deer a year. So we can set free in the area some 300 deer every year. We can launch a program so that in about ten years we have deer all over Lebanon. But now with the economic situation, hunger and unstable security situation, if we set them free in unprotected areas, they will be subject to random hunting. This is why we prefer to set them free in protected areas until deer are multiplied and there's awareness among people to protect them."