Returned With Interest: Soccer Player Sends Goalkeeper's Kick Straight Back Into Net

1 年前

A goal scored beyond the halfway line by an amateur soccer player during a Sunday league game in London has gone viral, having been watched online more than 2.5 million times.

The goal was scored during a game on March 26 in Greenwich, London, between Greenwich Battle Cruisers FC and Greenwich Challenge Vets.

The goal came from Greenwich Challenge Vets, with the official Football Association website listing the goalscorer as George Slaney.

Greenwich Battle Cruisers recovered from the blow, though, to draw the game 2-2. A club spokesperson said that they record all their games on a mobile phone “as we can’t afford a camera,” adding that it’s “nice for the lads to get to see their goals and highlights back.”

Even if sometimes the highlights include an amazing goal for the opposition. Credit: Greenwich Battle Cruisers FC via Storyful