Antarctic Air Blast Coats Australian Bushland in Snow Near Mount Buller in Victoria

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6 個月前

Bushland on Victoria’s Mount Buller was left coated in at least 12 centermetres of snow after a blast of Antarctic air brought freezing conditions across the state on August 5.

Snow was observed in several parts of Victoria on August 4, including Colac in the state’s Western District, Ballarat in the Central Highlands and Sunbury in Melbourne’s northwest suburbs.

Temperatures were expected to drop to single-digit figures in those areas and parts of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory as an “exceptionally cold” air mass from Antartica passed over the southeast, forecasters said.

Damaging wind warnings were issued for the state’s central and eastern coastal areas, including the Mornington Peninsula. Credit: highgroundsroasting via Storyful

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