Apartment Complex Moves to Evict Woman After Racist Abuse of US Soldier Caught on Camera

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An apartment complex in Fayetteville, North Carolina, said it had begun a legal action to terminate the residency of a woman after she was caught on video shouting racist slurs at a US paratrooper.

The soldier, Diamonte Ugbesia, told Storyful he pulled up to the Kings Cross Apartments on June 25 and heard a woman screaming, “I hate black people.” Ugbesia followed her voice and when the woman spotted him, she began verbally abusing him.

This video, filmed by Ugbesia, begins with another man telling the woman that she needs to “stop screaming.” The woman turns to Ugbesia and demands that he “get the f*** back down” before telling the other man that he “better kill that motherf***ing n*****.”

Ugbesia told local media: “I got deployed to Afghanistan. Me coming home from Afghanistan serving my country to a person saying they hate me based off my skin color? That’s what I was mad about.”

The apartment complex’s management said in a statement that it was taking action to evict the woman. Credit: Diamonte Ugbesia via Storyful

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    Thank you for your service young man. You handled yourself with such dignity. I am sorry that happened to you. Stay safe.
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    This is really sad that a person can have that much hate inside of them. I wonder if the man with her realizes he cannot do anything to help her, but get away from her as quickly as he can
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    crazy paul
    Stay strong young man and thank you for your service.
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    The apartment complex will be a nicer place now. Go Army! -11B
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  • K
    Thanks for your service Diamonte and have a great Fourth of July sir. Love how you handled this situation.
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    I am a Latino male Marine Corps veteran that served in Viet Nam from 1969-1970. I received similar treatment upon my return home from the war, most notably from LAPD police recruiters who visited some of us returning from Viet Nam while waiting to be discharged at the Marine Corps Recruit Depo in San Diego. I approached one recruiter to ask a general question and was ignored until one of the recruiters turned to me and said "Forget it. You are too short!" He then abruptly turned and walked away. I grew up around racists who told me to go back to where I was born and I would always ask "You mean to General Hospital?" so, I knew why I was getting the cold shoulder. Not even a "Welcome home, Marine." I channeled my anger from the war and racism into getting an education and becoming first a student activist, and then a community activist. Ultimately I became an attorney and spent 30 years defending tenants' rights to safe and secure housing in the low-income neighborhoods of Los Angeles. To my Brother Diamonte: I thank God you were returned home safe to your family. I know you are feeling raw and that it is hard to forgive. If you cannot forgive, please try to understand how our country ended up being the only other country during WWII to use racism to control people. The other country being Nazi Germany. May God direct you to use your survival skills to help your community, which is what the 48,000 youth who died in Viet Nam should have been doing instead of fighting a people who sought the same things we are still fighting for: justice, equality, fairness and respect for our many contributions to the wealth and greatness of our respective countries. Please also have a safe and sane 4th of July! Semper Fi!
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    marsha j
    First off THANK YOU for serving your country PROUDLY!!! Second, the apartment complex know they have to take action because they could be put OFF LIMITS to all military personnel. Which I am sure the majority of the residents are military personnel.
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    A trailer park in the middle of the woods has her name written all over it!
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    Keepin It Real
    Keep those smartphones fully charged...it’s your greatest tool
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