Beachgoers Form Human Chain to Rescue Swimmers on Albanian Coast

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2 個月前

A crowd of beachgoers linked together in a human chain to rescue nine people struggling to swim back to shore amid rough surf at a beach in Shengjin, Albania, on August 5.

Footage taken by Fitim Havolli shows dozens of people taking part in the effort to help save the swimmers caught in a strong current. Speaking to Storyful, Havolli said the beachgoers also extended rope out to help bring them ashore.

Havolli, who lives in Pristina, Kosovo, was on vacation in Shengjin with his family when he spotted this heroic act of kindness.

“It was a tough but joyful moment, showing the true courage of other vacationers,” said Havolli. “This moment shows that when you unite together, you can always win,” he added.

According to local media, the rescued individuals were also other vacationers from Kosovo. Credit: Fitim Havolli via Storyful

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