Bear Cub Hides Behind Tree as Car Passes Along Florida Street

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13 天前

A bear cub appeared to hide from a passing car as it hung around outside of a home in DeLand, Florida, on April 13.

Footage captured by Susan Coker’s Nest camera shows the bear running and standing behind the tree as a car drives up the street.

Coker said that bears appear in the area from time to time, especially if garbage cans have been left out for collection.

“We came home from dinner and noticed a bear had gotten into the neighbors’ garbage. Then we noticed there was the momma bear and several cubs,” she told Storyful.

“I looked on my security cameras to see if there was any footage of them. This is when I saw the adorable cub run behind the tree as if it was hiding from the passing car,” she said. Credit: Susan Coker via Storyful

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