'Both Sides Kept Their Word': Biden Praises Bipartisanship After Senate Passes Debt Ceiling Bill

1 年前

US President Joe Biden praised bipartisan efforts to pass a bill raising the national debt limit in a June 2 White House address, saying neither Republicans nor Democrats “got everything they wanted but the American people got what they needed.”

Biden commended Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy for operating “in good faith.”

“He and I, and our teams, were able to get along, get things done, were straightforward with one another, completely honest with one another, respectful with one another,” the president said. “Both sides operated in good faith. Both sides kept their word.”

He also highlighted Democrat and Republican congressional leaders, saying they “acted responsibly and put the good of the country ahead of politics.”

The Senate passed the bill on Thursday, five days before the US’s default deadline. Credit: The White House via Storyful