Canadian Motorist Shows Why a Puppy in the Passenger Seat Can Be a Handful

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2 個月前

A motorist in St George, New Brunswick, has shown exactly why it’s best not to have a feisty puppy in the passenger seat when you’re driving. You never know when the dog might want a cuddle.

In a selfie video shared on YouTube, dog owner Shane Firth shows Indy, a nine-month-old Kangal Shepherd puppy, sitting in the passenger seat before the hound decides it’s time to crawl across onto Firth’s lap.

Firth wrote in the caption: “Fortunately, it’s New Brunswick so there’s never any actual traffic. I came to a quick controlled stop, and Indy was pretty scared.”

He told Storyful: “Indy has never done this before. I had the phone recording because he was being cute.” Credit: Shane Firth via Storyful

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