Clever Tin Foil Hack Helps Keep Cats Away From Christmas Trees

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2 個月前

An Ohio cat owner has shared a clever hack to help keep kitties away from the Christmas tree this holiday season.

Tora Rudy posted a video to TikTok on November 28 showing a sheet of aluminum foil spread beneath the tree in her living room.

Her kitten Sookie can be seen approaching the tree and cautiously sniffing and feeling the foil, before deciding to leave it alone.

“My kitten Sookie kept messing with the tree. I wanted a way that was safe to keep her away as artificial trees can make cats sick. This is what I came to,” Rudy told Storyful.

According to FAQ Cats, a lot of cats do not like the sound or texture of aluminum foil. Credit: Tora Rudy via Storyful

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