Coronavirus-Affected Zaandam Cruise Ship Arrives at Florida's Port Everglades

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8 個月前

The coronavirus-affected Zaandam cruise ship docked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on April 2 after being turned away from several American ports amid fears over the coronavirus outbreak on board.

Passengers were due to be screened and cleared for entry by US Customs and Border Protection officers, according to a post by the cruise ship’s parent company.

Holland America Line reported at least 90 passengers and 143 crew on the Zaandam had presented with influenza-like symptoms.

The ship had been left docked off Panama for several days as many South American ports denied the ship entry, according to reports. Credit: Jon G Becker via Storyful

  • J
    These Cruise ships dump waste of the Florida coast, disembark stricken cruisers and crew in Florida, like we need more risk. Send the ships to their Registry countries to use up their tax income, not ours.
  • O
    like a GHOST SHIP in a movie!!! hehe
  • j
    Who in their right mind would ever want to travel on ANY of these Covid-19 infected cruise ships EVER AGAIN ?

    They must be TOTALLY MAD to even contemplate such folly. What with the company that regularly infects its passengers with , Now, ALL of them are contaminated.

    Good luck, Happy Days !
  • E
    Why are people still going on cruises these days? Those things are like floating petri dishes! No sympathy for the idiots on board.
  • O
    yes, no sympathy, suffer the consequence of their wrong decision and stupidity!!! so obsessed with touring but how can you in the future when you are dead!!!haha
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