Creative Crustacean Puts on Crab-tivating Underwater Fashion Show

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1 個月前

A creative crab put on a very exclusive fashion show for marine biologist Sheree Marris at Rye Pier in Victoria.

Footage by Marris shows an aptly named decorator crab with its elaborate shell adorned by various bits and pieces taken from the sea.

“At night weird and wonderful marine life can be found emerging from their daytime slumber, including this fascinating crab,” Marris told Storyful.

“These quirky crustaceans nip off bits of sponges and other animals and plants and place it on their backs as a cloak of camouflage. Sometimes the crabs are so well hidden that the only way you know it’s an animal is when it moves,” she said. Credit: Sheree Marris via Storyful

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