Creepy-Crawly Zoo Animals Enjoy Spooky Treats Ahead of Halloween

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1 個月前

Creatures of all shapes and sizes enjoyed a pumpkin party at Chester Zoo in England in the runup to Halloween this year.

From millipedes to sun bears, animals across the zoo tucked into their Halloween treats. Carved pumpkins were drenched in fish blood to pique the Komodo dragon’s interest. Holes were cut for the Boelen’s pythons to slither through. Some were filled with tasty fruit snacks for the sun bears and lemurs to enjoy.

Video and photos released by the zoo show the animals digging in to their spooky snacks.

Conservationists at the zoo said providing food in an unusual and interesting way is great enrichment for the animals, giving them the opportunity to forage in a new way. Credit: Chester Zoo via Storyful

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