Crowds Flee in Denver as Police Use Pepper Spray and Rubber Bullets on George Floyd Protesters

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2 個月前

Police attempted to disperse protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets in Denver, Colorado, on May 28, as demonstrations following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis escalated.

The Denver Post reported that what began as “a small, peaceful protest” escalated after shots were fired near the State Capitol building.

Video shows protesters screaming and running for cover after popping sounds, with the uploader saying that people ran “after the riot police started tear gassing and shooting rubber bullets.”

Video shared on social media showed a driver striking a demonstrator in the street near the Capitol, footage that Gov. Jared Polis later said left him “absolutely shocked.” Credit: @divinekali666 via Storyful

clarence2 小時前
what ever it take to bring back law and order to portland .
Female Liberals Have Fishmouth2 小時前
Quick recovery? They even have to lie about trivial stuff.
michel6 小時前
Who is giving out the permits to block the roads ?? And wh...更多
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