'Dangerous' Blizzard Conditions Rage East of Lake Erie

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1 個月前

Heavy lake-effect snow and high winds buried parts of upstate New York near the Great Lakes beginning Thursday, February 27, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported, and continued to rage throughout Friday.

Bands of snow strengthened over the Great Lakes, bringing blizzard conditions to areas in western New York. Flooding, blizzard, and gale warnings were issued overnight, with some areas receiving a combination thereof.

This video, shared on Thursday afternoon by Jake Rumowicz, showing the deep snow accumulation on County Road 29, south of Watertown in Jefferson County.

The NWS reported over a foot of snow in areas of the county by 7 am on Friday. Snow was expected to continue into the later afternoon. Credit: Jake Rumowicz via Storyful

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    do you remember the election ?the p[political groundhog has spoken.3 more years bad weather for Ontario
Vladimir1 小時前
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Lynn S1 小時前
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Zaxx7728 分鐘前
Hope all those buildings burn down.
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