Dixie State University Football Team Rescues Girl Hanging From Cliff

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5 個月前

Dixie State University’s football team came to the aid of a woman stuck on the side of the Sugarloaf in St George, Utah, on August 7.

The woman got her hair tangled in her equipment while rappelling down the rock, and footage tweeted by Trailblazers coach Loni Fangupo shows the rescue operation in action.

“The gentleman she was with asked for some help and we jumped right to it, I think anybody would step up and do the same thing,” head football coach Paul Peterson told ABC4. “We had plenty of muscle to be able to get her up pretty quickly.”

According to the same report, some players grabbed onto a rope to pull her up while others stood at the bottom of the cliff in case she fell during the rescue. Credit: Loni Fangupo via Storyful

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