Firefighters Face Intense Winds as They Attempt to Contain Colorado's Biggest-Ever Fire

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7 個月前

Firefighters out of Windsor, Colorado, have shared footage of intensely windy conditions that they said crews have experienced as they attempt to contain Colorado’s largest-ever wildfire, the Cameron Peak Fire.

In footage posted to Instagram on October 19, firefighters from the DFPC Overland Module are seen unable to approach the fire as they are buffeted by strong winds, whipping up dust.

“In situations such as this, there is little to nothing any human or piece of equipment can do besides watch the activity from a safe location,” the department wrote on Instagram.

“With many of us on the module being locals, this fire has been a little more personal, as this is the area that some of us lived and grew up recreating in,” they continued.

By October 19, the fire had scorched more than 204,000 acres in the mountains west of Fort Collins and Loveland. It was 51 percent contained. Full containment wasn’t expected until early November. Credit: DFPC Overland Module via Storyful

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