Fireworks Thrown into Portable Toilet in Southlake, Texas

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2 個月前

Police in Southlake, Texas, released footage showing a suspect throwing fireworks into a portable toilet on a construction site on November 18.

Southlake Police and Fire Departments said a white or silver Ford F-150 pulled into a construction area at 1371 Brumlow Avenue at around 7:45pm and a white male sprinted to a portable toilet on site.

“He lit some fireworks, tossed them in, and raced back to the truck huffing and puffing. He was probably pooped from that sprint,” they said.

Police said the fire department responded quickly and that they were seeking information about the suspects or the vehicle.

“Stinks for these criminals, because this isn’t a mere criminal mischief. No friends, this is Arson, and it’s a second degree felony. The fire damaged the building, a trailer, and of course the $5,000 Porta Potty. If there’s any silver lining, it’s that no one was hurt or killed,” they added. Credit: Southlake Police and Fire Departments via Storyful

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