First Asian Giant 'Murder' Hornet Nest Reportedly Found in the United States

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1 個月前

A nest of Asian giant “murder” hornets was found by Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) entomologists in Blaine, Washington on October 22, reportedly the first found in the United States.

Footage of the nest shows the hornets, often referred to as “murder hornets,” flying in and out of a tree cavity.

“Asian giant hornets, an invasive pest not native to the U.S., are the world’s largest hornet and a predator of honey bees and other insects,” wrote the WSDA in a press release. “A small group of Asian giant hornets can kill an entire honey bee hive in a matter of hours.”

The WSDA reported they had plans to eradicate the nest on Saturday, October 24. Credit: Washington State Department of Agriculture via Storyful

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