Florida Man Tumbles Into Wheelie Bin During Garden Cleanup

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1 個月前

A Florida man will remember to close the lid of his wheelie bin next time he’s cleaning his garden after he tumbled into the bin while tending to his patch in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

William Ward was working in his front yard with his partner, Maureen Mascaro, when he tumbled headfirst into the container, much to the amusement of Mascaro.

The incident was captured by the couple’s doorbell camera.

“I hit the ground in a giggle fit at what I saw,” Mascaro told Storyful.

William, she said, “will be retiring from the Navy in June after 20 years of service so we will be doing plenty more gardening soon. We will remember to shut the lid.” Credit: Maureen Mascaro via Storyful

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