Florida Police Officer Escorts 'Lost' Ducks Back to Park

1 年前

A police officer in Sarasota, Florida, had all his ducks in a row on Tuesday, March 28, as he escorted a group of “lost” ducks back to a nearby park.

Bodycam footage from the Sarasota Police Department shows the moment Sergeant Schafer guided a mother duck and her six chicks safely across the road to Payne Park, police said. “You guys are lost,” Schafer tells the ducks in the video. “Go that way.”

“When Sgt. Schafer woke up at the quack of dawn Tuesday, he didn’t plan to give a flock of ducks a police escort to the pond,” the department tweeted. “Next time, he will have to put it on their bill.” Credit: Sarasota Police Department via Storyful