Florida Wildlife Workers Come to the Aid of Struggling Turtle

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2 個月前

Wildlife workers in Florida helped a turtle in distress on Sanibel Island after it got into difficulties close to the shore line.

This footage, shared by Jessica Tomblin on November 25 shows a person in a Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation uniform helping the turtle.

Tomblin told Storyful she spotted the turtle close to the shore and noticed something was wrong when it was ‘barely moving.’

“[It was] jerking its head back struggling to breathe and closing its eyes… so I called the Sanibel Police and they sent a biologist from CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife),” she said. “We moved him where he was in a safe spot in the water until they came.”

Tomblin told Storyful the turtle was taken to receive care and treatment from CROW. Credit: Jessica Tomblin via Storyful

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