French Bulldog Stolen on Thanksgiving Reunited With Owners

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2 個月前

A four-year-old French bulldog stolen during a home burglary on Thanksgiving was found miles away from home, and returned to its owners in an emotional reunion on November 27.

According to News 12, bulldog Stella was taken from her home in Huntington, Long Island, and was found wandering in Center Moriches by Christine Cohen, who filmed a video of Stella’s owners embracing the returned dog.

“The owners were in disbelief as they had other false calls,” Cohen told Storyful. “They were so shaken, happy, and crying.”

Cohen said she fed Stella some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and the dog “made herself at home” after Cohen and her sister found the lost pet.

“Stella was a little difficult to catch. But when she climbed into the bushes, my sister picked her up, and she was a little shaken but very calm,” Cohen said. Credit: Christine Cohen via Storyful

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