Gas and Ash Billow From Indonesia's Semeru Volcano

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2 個月前

The Semeru volcano in East Java, Indonesia, erupted on December 4, billowing huge clouds of gas and pyroclastic materials into the sky.

This footage shows huge clouds of gas billowing above houses in the Lumajang Regency. The Semeru volcano is located in the same region.

Indonesia’s National Board for Disaster Management said “Mount Semeru experienced an increase in volcanic activity as indicated by the occurrence of hot clouds falling,” and that they were “currently trying to establish a sectoral evacuation point in Kamarkajang Field, Sumberwuluh Village, Candipuro District, Lumajang Regency.”

Details of possible casualties and the extent of the damage caused were not known by the time of writing. CNN Indonesia reported that the volcano’s alert status is at level two, which prohibits anyone from being within a one kilometer radius of Semeru.

The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) in Darwin, Australia, said that the ash was drifting south-west. Credit: @nazarzuhri via Storyful

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