Georgia Man Plays National Anthem in Front of American Flag Made of Hay Bales

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10 個月前

A Georgia man celebrated the Fourth of July by playing the national anthem in front of a large American flag painted onto hay bales at a property in Wrightsville.

The flag was set up by William Sumner of MidWay Straw Company, who told Storyful he created the patriotic symbol for the second year in a row. Local media reported that “anyone is welcome to stop by” to check out the flag.

This video shows Erik Powell playing “The Star-Spangled Banner” on an electric guitar in front of the flag on July 4.

Erik Powell’s brother, Derek Powell, told Storyful they are friends with Sumner and “really big fans” of the hay bale flag. Derek Powell said they wanted to film a video playing the national anthem and thought Sumner’s creation would be a fitting backdrop.

“Where better than Midway Straw in front of the hay bales?” Derek Powell said. Credit: William Sumner/MidWay Straw Company via Storyful

  • G
    WOW, Fantastic. A lot of work went into that. Thank you to Mr Sumner and Mr Powell for honoring our flag, our history and our anthem.
  • T
    That is pretty clever, looks great! Great music too!
  • B
    thank god there are some Americans that are really proud of the country we live in . this is really awesome.
  • C
    Love this! You go, man! Lots of people LOVE this country and will always celebrate it.
  • d
    I’m a veteran, and people say to me all the time.....”Thank you for your service” for which my reply is always, “ I’d do it again”
    Well, .......this is why.......people who love this country demonstrate their imagination by going out of their way to provide for all of us their patriotism for this great country........American pride.
  • N
    I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, America the beautiful.
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    Sofa King
    Thank you for that beautiful display and music. My granddaughter was born on the 4th of July and we have a lot of veterans in the family so we have a lot to celebrate. God bless America. From Texas ya'll.
  • g
    Pretty cool. Sounded a tad Hendricks-esque and the hay stack took some real work.
  • J
    Good stuff!
    I haven’t said that about a Yahoo story in some time.
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    Weeping Willow
    Now thats a "Patriot" straw company that makes America proud. Only made in America. Thanks William Sumner!
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