Going for the Goal: Kids' Soccer Team Gets Behind Wheelchair-Using Buddy

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1 年前

The Burn, a youth soccer team in Ardmore, Oklahoma, got behind their wheelchaired buddy Karter, enthusiastically pushing him up to the goal, even as two tiny team members tumble to the ground.

Aubriann Courtney – the sister of Dustin, one of the boys who helps Karter down the field – recorded the video September 28 and posted it to Twitter.

Sheli Courtney, the mother of Aubriann and Dustin, explained to Storyful, “This is Dustin and Karter’s first year to play soccer with this team, but they have all been friends since pre-K. Karter has leukodystrophy and is bound to a wheelchair.” She also told Storyful that they love helping Karter score goals.

She continued to say, “Karter is absolutely the kindest, sweetest, inspiring little boy and always brings big smiles to everyone he meets. Our team would not be complete without Karter.” Credit: Sheli Courtney via Storyful

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