Grandfather Helps Toddler Devour First Birthday Cake

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1 個月前

Florida man Brian Kahrs didn’t want to see any birthday cake go to waste when his grandson turned one, gobbling up the birthday treat with the hungry toddler.

Affectionately known as “Cappy” to his grandchildren, Kahrs said he decided to express his “inner child by indulging in a sloppy cake-eating frenzy” with his grandson when the treat was served.

Kahrs posted the footage originally in August 2017, and shared it again on September 23 of this year.

Kahrs — who previously went viral for gliding around Florida bedecked in a business suit on a briefcase-shaped hoverboard — added that when it comes to his grandsons, they’re “never too young to begin male bonding,” with their grandfather. Credit: Brian Kahrs via Storyful

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