Independence Day Marked With Mount Rushmore Fly-Over

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1 個月前

US President Donald Trump traveled to Keystone, South Dakota, on July 3 to visit Mount Rushmore for an Independence Day celebration.

A military flyover and fireworks were among the planned events.

Demonstrators were seen blocking Iron Mountain Road, leading up to Mount Rushmore, and were heard chanting anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter messages. Supporters of the region’s First Nations people, the Sioux Nation, also known as Oceti Sakowin, were heard lobbying for land rights.

The National Guard arrived to disperse protesters, with Storyful verified video showing confrontations between Trump supporters and protesters. Credit: Mel McGowan via Storyful

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    Storyful. This is a new radical left-wing organization disguised as a news outlet. "We analyze conversations and content across digital platforms — from mainstream to fringe networks — to make sense of what’s happening on social media." Translation: We are internet hacks hooked on social media with an agenda that supports Socialism and anarchy in America.
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    Americans loved it and President Trumps positive speech. The firework show was awesome. God Bless free America!
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    Four more years Mr. President!!!
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    Haven't seen it yet on Yahoo ...... HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!
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    The Democrat party is now the Socialist against it.
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    It was a great speech and rally! The silly "Protest" were all in the minds of the Liberals who constantly stir the pot to play the less informed. Have you seen the billboards along I-95 of our Whiffer Sniffer, Stink Finger Joe Biden for President smelling his middle finger beside a young hot Tara Reade!
    ✔ Bullet Republican Ticket 𝐓𝐑𝐔𝐌𝐏 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟎 ❤️ ®

    "Who is that masked man?" "Son, that's Hunter Biden's Loan Arranger."
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    So Do-nad didn't even give them a phone call first.
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    Taxpayers' $
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    Four more years! Trump2020. Where’s the dean of dementia? Still hiding in his basement trying to learn to talk again?
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    the left had no problem with the Clintons, or obamas going to Rushmore.... but now Trump goes and it's suddenly a white power rally or something..... their LIES and hypocrisies know no bounds, shameless, power hungry party tools who would rather burn the USA to the ground than share in it's successes.......
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