Jet Ski-Riding Husband Not Amused After Wife Backs Car Into Pole

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2 個月前

A Californian woman’s February 28 TikTok video went viral after it showed her husband arriving at their Visalia home riding a modified jet ski.

Deanna Bayne, who features in this video, first started filming to capture her husband’s reaction to news she had reversed her SUV into a pole while picking up her niece.

In the video, Bayne says she called her husband and “told him that he needs to come home”. The video cuts to her husband, Nicholas, riding a jet ski down their street. He appears unamused as he dismounts and inspects the damage done to the vehicle.

Bayne told Storyful her husband modified the jet ski himself and that “he is a show stopper wherever he goes.”

“His reaction to me hitting the pole was actually a 10 minute silent treatment,” she said, adding that “he knows I’m a terrible driver”. Credit: Deanna Bayne via Storyful

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