Journalists Hit by Water Cannon, Protesters Arrested, During Hong Kong Demonstration

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Around 370 people were arrested in Hong Kong during protests over new national security laws on July 1.

In this video, a person wearing a fluorescent yellow vest – considered the ubiquitous uniform of media covering the protests in Hong Kong – is knocked to the ground while carrying a camera in the Wan Chai district. Studio Incendo, who filmed the footage, posted on Twitter that the person targeted was a journalist. The Hong Kong Journalists Association later condmened the use of crowd control measures, including water cannon, on journalists during the protests in Wan Chai.

Later footage from the Times Square shopping area shows police arresting multiple people following the protests.

The new national security law that signed by China’s President Xi Jinping on June 30 criminalizes acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign and external forces to jeopardise national security, according to reports. Under the law, offenders may be given a life sentence as the maximum punishment. Credit: Studio Incendo via Storyful

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    BLM protesters needs this type of handling.
  • J
    My heart goes out to the people of Hong Kong, wonderful place.
  • B
    If China had a second amendment the people would have at least a fighting chance against oppression . In Hong Kong they lost before they ever started. They want freedom and the Democrats in America are for the same tactics. First disarm Americans so no one can resist and then crush any resistance to Socialism.. Which is why I am voting for Trump in November.
  • S
    Stephen Lang
    China's President is highly delusional and has no idea as to what He is even talking about. He is a great danger to both the Chinese and Hong Kong People and most of the World in general.
  • P
    The US needs to use those water canons!!!
  • s
    sonny wofl
    Looks like the police using BB gun on protesters, they are more human than our's, our police take every advantage and excuse to use deadly force.
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    people of hong kong watch out the chinese will be getting all your pet dogs and cats to skin and boil alive for the homeland wet markets hohg kong will now be run by sub human animals leave there before your in a prison in china
  • G
    Send them criminals to a camp China. Then you can send these gringos here to camps also.
  • p
    Stupid fake journalist.
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