'It's Kardashian West': Kanye Corrects Joel Osteen at Church Event in Houston

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8 個月前

Kanye West corrected Pastor Joel Osteen after the televangelist introduced West’s wife, née Kim Kardashian, at a Texas church event on November 17 without mentioning that she had taken his last name.

The rapper and fashion designer appeared at a Sunday service at Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, to preach and pray alongside Osteen. After he finished a prayer with the packed megachurch, Osteen drew the crowd’s attention to Kim Kardashian, the reality television star, and North West, her eldest child with West, who were in the front row.

Osteen was met with rapturous applause when he said: “Hey guys, can we make Kim Kardashian and North feel welcome right here?” West stood smiling down at his wife before pivoting and quickly whispering in Osteen’s ear: “It’s Kim Kardashian West.”

“Kim Kardashian West, sorry,” Osteen replied.

Earlier in the sermon, West had referred to himself as the “greatest artist that God has ever created,” and spoke about how his faith has allowed him to be “in service to God.”

“Jesus has won the victory. I told you about my arrogance and cockiness already. Now the greatest artist that God has ever created is now working for him,” he added. Credit: Lakewood Church via Storyful

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    Joel Osteen lost his credibility with me and lots if others when the hurricane came through and he wouldnt even open his church for people until he got call out for it. Its all about the money.
  • M
    Pop Christianity meets Pop Culture.
  • M
    If there was any doubt about the illegitimacy of Joel Olsteens version of Christianity I hope this now ends the discussion.
  • c
    charlie brown
    for the life of me I do not understand how people fall for these cooks
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    Kanye can claim that he is the greatest entertainer just like cell phone companies claim they provide the most coverage.
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    Ego is one of the deadly sins
  • h
    wonder when he applies for a tax exemption as a nonprofit church?
  • D
    Greatest artist? 😆😂
  • R
    West is the poster child for mental illness , and I mean that in a sincere way, if these ppl didn’t have money , would ppl see them as they do now? NO, they would see the truth, the sad truth
  • C
    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is about His life, His death and His glorious resurrection from the dead! It's also about OBEDIENCE unto Christ even in the face of hardship, danger and suffering. Everything is about God's Glory and NOT our own. We need to stand in the fear and awe of Jesus Christ rather then proclaiming on stage how lucky God is to have us on His team!
Jon18 分鐘前
A racist moron parade on full display.
agnes3 小時前
as long as they keep them there we dont want them in the uk ...更多
El Guapo2 小時前
This is pretty common. Not much water in the Angeles crest m...更多
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