Kim Jong-un Impersonator Appears at National Security Law Protest in Hong Kong

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1 個月前

A well-known Kim Jong-un impersonator made an appearance at a Hong Kong rally against new national security laws on July 1.

When asked if he supported the new laws, the impersonator responded: “Do not turn Hong Kong into another Pyongyang … because there can only be one Pyongyang.”

“Walking around #HongKong today with a special message for #CCP dictator #XiJingPing,” the actor posted to Facebook. In the video, the impersonator can be seen holding a toy missile with a defaced picture of Chinese premier Xi Jinping attached.

The Australian impersonator, also known as Howard X, previously appeared at a protest in Hong Kong in April, around the time when rumours swirled the North Korean leader was in ill health.

The national security law signed by Xi criminalized acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign and external forces to jeopardise national security, according to reports. Under the law, offenders may be given a life sentence as the maximum punishment.

Hong Kong Police arrested 370 people during the day’s protests, including 10 people who were detained under the new law. The protest coincided with the anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China from the British in 1997. Credit: 852郵報 via Storyful

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    Time Bandit
    OMG that is funny
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    These "pro-democracy" thugs are just tools of the Americans and their pathetic puppet state England, there was never any democracy when the English rules Hong Kong except during world war two when the Japanese ruled it.
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    The CIA needs to figure out how to substitute THIS Kim Jong Un for the other, less interesting one. I'll bet even his wife would appreciate the change.
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