London Supermarket Employee Takes Issue With Woman's Outfit

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A woman who was shopping at a London supermarket said her visit went awry when a male staff member took issue with her outfit on November 8.

Jaiah Fern said she shot this video at her local Asda in the Isle of Dogs. In the footage, Fern can be heard asking the employee if he thinks what she’s wearing is inappropriate. The employee can be heard saying Fern was “walking without almost clothes, we can see your body almost”.

During the encounter, Fern turns the camera on herself to reveal she is wearing shoes, tracksuit pants, a cropped shirt and a jacket. The video ends with the employee leaving her in search of the store manager.

In response to Fern tweeting the video, a customer service representative from Asda apologised to her, saying, “This is not a recognised policy at Asda and we are really sorry for the service you received.” Credit: Jaiah Fern via Storyful