Migrants Protest Relocation From Manhattan to Brooklyn

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A group of asylum seekers pushed back against being relocated from Manhattan to a Brooklyn shelter in the early hours of January 30, according to local news

Adult male migrants who were housed in the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen resisted their relocation to a shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, local news said.

According to local news, police arrived at the scene outside the hotel at approximately 7:30 pm on Sunday evening, where asylum seekers and activists protested the relocation.

This footage from @datainput shows tents erected by the asylum seekers outside the Watson Hotel, according to local news, and groups of people gathered outside as police stand by.

Earlier this month, New York Mayor Eric Adams announced his plan to move single men from the Watson Hotel to the new shelter, which can house 1,000 people. Credit: @datainput via Storyful