Minnesota's Oromo Community Rallies for Justice After Anti-Government Musician Killed in Ethiopia

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1 個月前

Protesters demonstrating against the killing of a musician and activist in Ethiopia blocked Interstate 94 in St Paul, Minnesota, for hours on Wednesday evening, July 1, reports said.

Musician Hachalu Hundessa was shot and killed in Addis Ababa on June 29, the BBC reported.

Members of the Minnesota’s Oromo community, an ethnic group that originates in Ethiopia, marched and demanded justice for Hundessa, who was Oromo and a prominent voice in anti-government protests as well, according to the BBC.

This video shows protesters on the I-94 chanting “free all prisoners” and “freedom” and flying the flag of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The OLF was founded as a political organization in 1973 to advocate for the “right to national self-determination” for the Oromo people, say reports.

Minnesota Gov. Waltz paid his respects on Twitter and said, “My heart goes out to the Oromo community mourning his powerful voice and tireless activism.”

More than 80 people in Ethiopia were reported to have been killed in two days of unrest following Hundessa’s death. Credit: @naga_nano via Storyful

  • J
    Jeff M.
    Protesting and blocking roadways for a singer is illegal and this should not be tolerated. Ambulance and Fire are now blocked ??
  • A
    Your headline is not true. You need to ask at least the country representative of the Embassy in Washington DC about the situations before take one side of the story. The musician deeply supports the Abiy administration and due to his supporting of Abiy, He got killed with arrogant's. Before you post the news at least ask officials or read what is going on?
  • A
    Go back and do something !
  • t
  • B
    Like he was any hood! He was a man gull if hate. I don't see why these people are protesting. They know who did it. It us Jawar and his thugs.
  • Y
    the government did not kill the singer, outsider who paid to individuals insider kill the singer to create conflict . it is the outside work.
  • m
    He was not anti-goverment. He was actually supporting the government of Abiy. He was killed by a terrorist group led by Jawar who is now in prison.
  • t
    how do you know he is Anti government singer
  • D
    They showed them. They blocked off traffic in a whole different country to protest a guy gettin killed in Addis Ababa. Honestly, I couldn't find this country on a world map without help. Isn't this where Garfield was mailing Nermal to?
  • G
    Grumpy Old Marine
    Assigned there in the 70s. This country ain't never gonna get it right!!
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