One-Antlered Deer Holds Its Own Against More 'Well Armed' Foe

1 年前

A one-antlered deer who’s been named Spike by a California man put up a “good performance”, he said, in a seemingly unfair joust with a better-equipped foe.

Terrance Everhart, of Grass Valley, posted video on YouTube of Spike in action against a “bigger more well-armed buck”.

He told Storyful he and his wife moved to the area about a year ago, and put out some bird feed. This attracted “about 20 squirrels” he said, so they decided to put out some squirrel food to keep the squirrels away from the birdseed.

That in turn attracted a family of deer, he said, so they bought some deer food. This, inevitably, attracted even more deer, he said. “It’s starting to become a bit expensive,” Everhart joked. “I may begin to ask for small donations.” Credit: Terrance Everhart via Storyful