Pennsylvania Councilman-Elect Puts Bricks and Stones at Crossing for Pedestrians' 'Protection'

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2 個月前

A future councilman in Erie, Pennsylvania, has made a point about pedestrian safety in an unusual way, by placing rocks and bricks near a crossing for the “protection” of those using it.

Chuck Nelson posted video on Facebook of his unusual installation. He wrote, “Since cars blasting down the bayfront are a hazard to our residents as they ignore crosswalks, I left a pile of rocks and bricks if anyone needs them for their safety since we don’t have a stoplight or pedestrian bridge.”

The footage shows a pile of rocks and bricks and a sign that reads, “Pedestrians, bricks and stones available for your protection,” near the pedestrian crossing on Bayfront Parkway and Cranberry Street.

Nelson told local media the setup “was out there for just a little bit to make a video and there is no risk in that.”

He added, “I want to make a point that if you got things that fly by you at 60 miles an hour, such as cars when you are a pedestrian, that’s much more dangerous than having things fly by you like rocks when you are in a vehicle.”

He also shared a link to an online petition calling for the installation of a “3-way stop light” at the intersection. Credit: Chuck Nelson via Storyful

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