Performing Horse Crashes Backward Onto Table in Bogota Restaurant as Diners Scramble

26 次觀看
2 個月前

A performing horse lost its balance while rearing up at a popular restaurant in Bogota, Colombia, falling backward onto a table where several diners were seated during a show on August 29.

This video, taken by Nathalie Sanchez, shows the horse rearing up on its hind legs, losing balance, and falling backward onto a table, flinging the rider off.

The Mi Margarita restaurant said no customers were injured during the incident, and added that neither the horse nor rider were harmed, according to a statement released on their Facebook page.

The horse’s fall was “due to the effect of the flash of a photographic camera,” the restaurant said.

Mi Margarita serves traditional Colombian fare, accompanied by horse parades. Credit: Nathalie Sánchez via Storyful

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