Police Clash With Pro-Palestine Protesters in Paris

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1 個月前

French police deployed tear gas and water cannons, and arrested dozens of people in clashes with pro-Palestine demonstrators on May 15 in Paris.

Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters flooded the streets of Paris on Saturday to commemorate Nakba Day, defying an official ban in France prohibiting protests in support of Gaza.

In this footage, filmed throughout the day by journalist Nicolas Mercier, police in riot gear are seen clashing with demonstrators and using tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds. In the last clip, three young men are shown getting detained by police for intentionally hitting a police motorcycle, Mercier told Storyful.

Forty-four protesters were arrested by 7 pm on Saturday, according to the Paris Police Prefecture, with one police officer injured.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has said at least 220 people have been killed and at least 6,039 wounded inside the Palestinian territory since Israeli airstrikes began last week. At least 10 deaths inside Israel have been reported during that period. Credit: Nicolas Mercier via Storyful

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