Police Officers in Pretoria March Against Gender-Based Violence

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1 個月前

Male police officers in Pretoria, South Africa, marched on October 14, seeking to mobilize “society to play an active role” in the fight against gender-based violence as part of the South African Police Service’s “men for change” campaign.

Police Minister Bheki Cele announced the deployment of more officers throughout weekends as part of the campaign, local media reported.

Officers were also expected to pledge to improve “service delivery” in the fight against crimes committed against women, children, and vulnerable groups. They also were expected to pledge “to teach those in our care the values of human dignity, equality and respect.”

South African officials said in a statement that “the awareness campaign led by the men in blue seeks to raise awareness on the scourge of violence with a view of mobilising society to play an active role in assisting the work of the Police in detecting, preventing and fighting Gender-Based Violence within communities.”

Officials said at least 1,500 officers would attend the march.

South Africa’s crime rate has been on the rise, according to reports, with sexual assaults increasing by 9.6 percent in the last year. Credit: Lirandzu Themba via Storyful

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    Crime has gone through the roof in S-Africa , its very dangerous for the white farmers to live there At times entire farm families are being murdered in the most unbelievable fashion thousands have been killed since the new south Africa came into being , thousands of white farmers have left , seeking more livable place in the world ! S- Africa my go the way Zimbabwe has gone !
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    Cops are so corrupt in SA.
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more then likely just the next door neighbor that was tired ...更多
jack7 小時前
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Braiven13 小時前
He is the most interesting man in the world.
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