Police Make Over 40 Arrests at Protest Outside New York City Hall

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5 個月前

The New York Police Department arrested at least 40 people in New York City on May 28, according to reports, following protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis three days earlier.

The protests were sparked after a video circulated on social media showed Minneapolis police officers pinning Floyd to the ground with one having his knee on the man’s neck. Floyd was later pronounced dead following the incident.

CBS New York reported that “some people threw traffic drums at officers and others tried to take officers’ bikes", with charges for the arrests including: “assault of a police officer, criminal possession of a weapon and civil disobedience.”

Video shows police arresting several protesters near City Hall, with some shouting their name and date of birth at fellow protesters as they are handcuffed. Credit: Erika Barker via Storyful

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    Need to be doing more than just 40!
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    Rioters in Minneapolis burn down their own city and loot Target. They are not concerned with any police interference. That would be racism to stop their right of free merchandise . They are not mourning Mr. Floyd's demise .
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