Police Reprimand Tea-Drinking Driver During Motorway Safety Operation

14,651 次觀看・9 個月前

A man caught holding a cup of tea while driving was reprimanded by police during a motorway safety operation, video released by National Highways shows.

Footage recorded by police in Cheshire shows an officer telling the driver to focus on driving instead of his beverage.

“You might want to put your cup of tea down and concentrate on driving,” the police officer is heard saying in the video.

The incident was recorded as part of a multi-agency initiative to improve motorway safety using unmarked cabs operated by police, National Highways said.

The driver was issued a traffic offence report for not being in proper control of his vehicle, which resulted in three points being added to his license and a £100 fine, according to National Highways. Credit: National Highways via Storyful