Pro-Catalan Independence Protesters Block Roads and Rail Lines as Leaders Face Prison

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1 個月前

Thousands of pro-Catalan demonstrators took to the streets and occupied an airport near Barcelona on Monday, October 14, to express their anger at the decision by Spain’s supreme court to sentence separatist leaders to several years in prison.

Protesters began blocking traffic, with hundreds then heading for the El Prat airport on the outskirts of Barcelona, clashing with police and disrupting flights.

Here, protesters in Girona are shown blocking a major motorway and regional rail lines, as reported by the local transport authority.

They also blocked the high-speed rail line between Spain and France.

Pro-independence leader Carlos Puigdemont spoke from Brussels and called for Catalan independence supporters to reject the sentences. Credit: @diariARA via Storyful

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    It seems the Catalan get the inspiration from Hong Kong protesters.
Wishing every year 911。1 小時前
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CADreamin'1 小時前
Really impressive animal and brave officers. Nice video.
ZZZZZ10 小時前
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badhuman11 小時前
That’s the freedom and democracy protesters America has supp...更多
sun17 小時前
This one is what time ? Write next time must indicate time ....更多
Robin16 小時前
The scene was like in Syria. Condemn to the unlawful protest...更多
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