Protective Pooch Stops Toddler From Climbing Steps

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1 個月前

A protective pooch blocked the path of a toddler who was heading for some stone steps in London, Kentucky, on May 8.

Footage filmed by Tonya Peters shows her grandson, 16-month-old Jack Madden, making a break for some stone steps in his front yard, only for her dog Lexi to block his path.

“Lexi has no training, just natural instinct to protect her best friend,” Peters told Storyful.

Lexi, a five-year-old blue heeler, has been raised by Peters since she was six weeks old. She herds cattle and sheep on Peters’s farm and spends countless hours with Jack.

“Lexi does extraordinary things every day with Jack, it is unbelievable what a great dog she is,” said Peters. Credit: Tonya Peters via Storyful

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