Protester Pours Water on Man's Eyes at Anti-ICE Rally in Bend, Oregon

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5 個月前

Protesters blocked federal agents from accessing a bus being used to detain two people in custody for immigration warrants, in Bend, Oregon, on August 12.

The standoff between demonstrators and agents from the immigration office of the Department of Homeland Security lasted several hours, according to local media reports.

Lizzy VanPatten, who attended the protest, said it was peaceful until federal agents attempted to remove the detainees from the bus.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Austin Rice-Stitt said in court the pair being detained were undocumented immigrants with criminal convictions and would face deportation hearings, local media reported.

One activist addressing the crowd during the day said the two men were longtime Bend residents who had been picked up by the federal agents.

There were several reports stating the federal officers used pepper spray on protesters. This footage shows VanPatten pouring water onto another demonstrator’s eyes while other footage shows several protesters having their eyes treated.

The two people being detained were eventually taken away by officers. Credit: Lizzy VanPatten via Storyful

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