Protesters Damage Police Vehicle as Shots Reported During George Floyd Rally in Denver

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Protesters attacked a police vehicle in Denver, Colorado, on May 28, during a demonstration sparked by the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis this week.

This footage shows protesters spray painting graffiti and using skateboards to smash the side of a police car on Thursday night. One man appears to puncture the front tyre. People can be heard cheering, and one person yelled: “F*ck the police.”

Local reports said the demonstration descended into chaos after gunshots were fired and police shot tear gas canisters and pepper spray to disperse hundreds of people on the Capitol lawn.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis said on Twitter that the protest had “devolved into vandalism and violence.”

“Coloradans are better than this,” he said. “I share the immense anguish we all feel about the unjust murder of George Floyd. But let me be clear, senseless violence will never be healed by more violence.”

The protests were sparked after a video circulated on social media showing Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd to the ground with his knee on the man’s neck. Floyd could be heard pleading for help before going still. He was later pronounced dead.

An outbreak of violent protests took over Minneapolis and St Paul on May 27, but clashes involving police and demonstrators have now spread to cities across the US. Credit: Madison Lauterbach/Ms. Mayhem magazine via Storyful

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    Floyd had just done time for armed robbery and that made him potentially dangerous.
    The Cop did not mean to kill him, but are you going to let someone like Floyd kill you if they get your gun?
  • R
    Violence and riots in Democrat sanctuary cities no surprise. Police were wrong. Democrat policies need to be changed to include not killing the people you want to vote for you.
  • J
    Ok lets try this: One day without police (since you hate them so much)! How about that?
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    Anyone that sets fire to another persons business deserves to be shot i would have helicopter gunships at the ready
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    Richard Cranium
    Theyre all white! Do black people even care that whites supposedly support them?
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    Hit the KGB hard.
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    Leave it up to the uneducated #$%$ the trouble makers.
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